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Ultimate solution for your business

xSale automates the sales cycle completely and comprehensively. It serves the purpose of reducing labor cost since this solution is capable of completing a number of tasks performed by employees quickly and easily.

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Accelerates your sale

xSale is an online based mobile application to accelerate your sales. It helps to expand your market and customer base through overcoming all geographic barriers.

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Less Time, Less Hassle... More Sale, More Profit

xSale will allow to devote more time to the core business. The Sales Force (MR’s for Pharmaceutical Companies) will have more time to visit more doctors and also they can go to more chemist shops which will increase the sales significantly.

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Improves business performance

xSale aims to improve your overall business performance by bringing proficiency, accuracy and transparency in the sales and order collection process and at the same time xSale enables you to take right decisions at right time.

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Right decisions at right time

xSale will allow your MRs more time to explore more potential clients. It provides facilities to take the perfect decision based on collected data.

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